I hate social media

I have a long history of despising social media.

So, some time ago, I created a Twitter page using the Ernest Valdemar avatar I like so much, which I shortly abandoned. Then, when blogs started moving to Disqus, I started using my Twitter account to comment using Disqus.

Earlier tonight, I was trying to find out my total “likes,” so I went to Disqus.com to see if I could find out. (It’s well over a hundred likes for a bit over 20 comments, but I wanted the actual numbers.) Disqus reminds me that must’ve drunkenly created a Disqus account a few years ago. I guess at the email address and password, and then I’m in.

But here’s the thing — I really want to comment on Disqus using my Twitter account (which matches my new WordPress account), but now Disqus is convinced that I’m a drunk several years younger than I actually am, and no matter how often I log out and say “comment using twitter,” it keeps posting me under my meatspace name. I’ve very carefully crafted an online identity with much more credibility than I actually possess, and I want to continue to cultivate this persona.

One thought on “I hate social media

  1. Alright, I deleted the old account. When I logged back into Disqus, it had somehow correlated my various accounts via my valid email address, and went about asking if I wanted to merge all of these accounts.
    No I did not.
    So I canceled the Disqus account, and then re-logged in using my preferred avatar.
    I am getting a bit sick and tired of the Internet’s sudden obsession with “real names.” As though a birth certificate had some kind of magical power, or, like pagan people, we have “true names of power.”
    It’s bullshit. I am Monsieur Ernest Valdemar, skeptic, freethinker, adventurer, consumptive, mesmeric subject, liquified corpse.

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